Institutional Services
Traditionally, OHV has mainly served the institutional market. The private relations therefore benefit from the opportunities and infrastructures that exist for large professional parties.

OHV acts as an external investment department for its institutional relations, to which tasks and responsibilities can be delegated as desired.

OHV performs the following activities, which can be modularly reduced.

Financial Intermediary
– Active in capital market, money market and foreign exchange market
– bringing together supply and demand institutional relationships
– Selection, advisory and placement of new issues in bonds and subordinated loans

Asset Manager
– Discretionary asset management for individuals and foundations
– Execution of investment mandates, monitoring of specific guidelines
– Providing custom reports and notes
– Advice on bond selection and subordinated loans
– Macroeconomic, technical and fundamental investment analysis

Institutional order desk and back office
– Facilitate full electronic and automated investment infrastructure
– Performing transactions in all markets and products, including private
– Settlement and checking of transactions and associated cash flows
– Delivery of notes and reports

OHV works for the following clients.

– The State of the Netherlands
– Republic of Germany
– The Kingdom of Belgium
– Provinces and municipalities
– Housing corporations and healthcare institutions
– International banks, insurers and pension funds
– Educational institutions
– Foundations
– Private relations