OHV optimises your institutions’ investment portfolio and investment reports within the legal and strategic frameworks. One of these frameworks is Solvency II.

Optimising returns and capital charge

Within the Solvency II framework, taking risks requires capital charge against market risk. OHV optimises portfolio returns based on the capital available to offset market risks. We might do this by looking for opportunities for return without capital charge or to calculate the perfect mix of projected returns and capital charge.

Risk managers

OHV has partnered with several leading risk managers, with whom it works in conjunction in order to make complex solvency calculations. Since OHV liaises closely with these risk managers and has an in-depth knowledge of the Solvency II parameters, we can also serve as a liaison for your own risk managers.


OHV provides input for the look-through reports required under Solvency II.


Please feel free to contact Erik Bakker to find out how OHV can assist you with all your Solvency II enquiries. He can be reached by email at e.bakker@ohv.nl or by telephone at +31 20 504 04 10.


Besides optimising your returns within certain frameworks, OHV is your ideal partner for brokering loans and has been a broker in private loans for many years now. This is a fast-growing market on account of the changing laws and regulations.


Please feel free to contact Hans Rosenberg to find out how OHV can serve you as a broker in loans. He can be reached by email at h.rosenberg@ohv.nl or by telephone at +31 20 504 04 10.

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