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Do you use the services of multiple asset managers and receive four separate reports each month? Consolidated reports will allow you to keep track of, and monitor, all relevant data.

You have outsourced your portfolio management to two or more asset managers or advisors who have all been authorised to manage your assets. So what do you do if your institution maintains a top-down investment policy? Consolidated reports enable you to keep track of your portfolio as a whole, which in turn, gives you control over the top-down asset mix and allows you to effectively manage your asset managers.

Securities Accounts

OHV uses one of the most sophisticated securities management systems in the world to run your parallel securities accounts. OHV will manage your securities accounts after setting the terms with you of how you will receive the data.

Customised Reports

Your institution will receive a customised report on a monthly basis. The basic report you will receive is extremely detailed, and specific additional pages can be designed at your request.


Please feel free to contact Wiebe Brouwer to find out what your consolidated report will look like. He can be reached by email at or by telephone at +31 20 504 04 20.

Asset Management
drs. J. Wiebe Brouwer
drs. J. Wiebe BrouwerChief operating officer+31(0)20 504 04 20

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