OHV E-trading bonds

Create liquidity in illiquid markets.
Unique new service in the marketplace
From price taker to price maker

OHV offers its customers the ability to execute buy and sell orders for bonds directly via Bloomberg’s electronic platform.

Create liquidity in illiquid markets

Liquidity in the bond markets is declining.
The bid offer quotes widen and execution takes longer.
Our eighty years of experience and extensive network means OHV knows better than anyone that the liquidity of the bond market is increasingly to be found with end customers. OHV provides you, via E-trading, the ability to access this liquidity.


If you want to know more about OHV E-trading, please contact us. You can reach us by phone at +31(0)20-504 04 10 or via e-mail etrading@ohv.nl.

Peter van Klaveren
Peter van KlaverenSenior Institutional Sales
+31(0)20 504 04 10
Mark Overdevest MSc
Mark Overdevest MScSenior Institutional Sales
+31(0)20 504 04 10
Feiko Hoekstra
Feiko HoekstraTrader execution desk / IT development
+31(0)20 504 04 70
Kevin van Berkel MSc
Kevin van Berkel MScFixed Income Sales
+31(0)20 504 04 30
drs. Richard Abma
drs. Richard AbmaManaging Partner/Developer
+31(0)20 504 04 20
ir. John Abma
ir. John AbmaChief Technical Officer
+31(0)20 504 04 24
Vivian Grunberg
Vivian GrunbergManager ICT
+31(0)20 504 04 68
Ed Rouwendaal MSc
Ed Rouwendaal MScAlgorithmic C# developer
+31(0)20 504 04 24