Opportunities in the primary market
At OHV, we enable you to benefit from the opportunities provided by access to the primary market. Our roots in the financial markets date back more than 70 years, and through our large network we have become a trusted partner to issuers and syndicates.

primaire marktUnique in the Netherlands
As one of the few financial services providers in the Netherlands, OHV enables you to benefit from the advantages of trading in the primary market. The main advantage is the return premium offered by many issuers on issuing new bonds. This premium is offered in order to kindle interest from investors in the bond issue and ensure successful placement. Another significant advantage is the absence of a bid-ask spread in primary trading, and both these advantages instantly increase portfolio returns.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know how you can benefit from Execution Only and investment in the primary market through OHV. We can be reached at +31 20 504 04 00 or by email at info@ohv.nl.

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