Wereldwijde toegang

Global Acces

OHV provides you with an institutional order desk with global access at extremely competitive rates.

All products and markets

You get to benefit from our teams of professional traders. Unlike rival providers operating in the Dutch market, including Alex and Binck, we do not say ‘no’ when you are looking for a specific investment which varies from the most commonly traded shares and bonds. Instead, we go out of our way to accommodate you in these cases.

Always accessible

You report the transactions to us by phone, to traders who are instantly accessible, without the need to navigate a menu first. If you like, you can wait for feedback from our trader once the transaction is completed. You will receive a transaction note from us on completion of the transaction.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know how Execution Only can benefit you. We can be reached at +31 20 504 04 00 or by email at info@ohv.nl.