Cash loans and deposits

OHV has been providing brokerage services in the money market for many years, bringing together parties on the supply and demand sides to negotiate short-term loans with one another. The borrowers typically include municipal and provincial governments, water boards, corporates and banks, while the lenders include retirement funds, insurance companies, banks and local governments/local authorities. Our professionals liaise daily with both sides and have access to a large network in the money market.

If you have any questions about brokering cash loans and deposits, please contact Wouter Vrolijk or Kevin van Berkel by email or by telephone at the following number: +31 20 504 04 10

Edwin Touw
Edwin TouwMoney Market Dealer
+31(0)20 504 04 30
Kevin van Berkel MSc
Kevin van Berkel MScMoney Market Dealer
+31(0)20 504 04 30
Hennie Stam
Hennie StamMoney Market Dealer
+31(0)20 504 04 26