Public LoansOHV maintains an extensive international network in the bond market, consisting of insurance and reinsurance companies, retirement funds, asset managers, family offices, and national, international and a large number of foreign regional banks (including savings banks).

This provides us with access to a large number of order books belonging to these market players. This means it is essential for end clients to work with an independent broker such as OHV. These resources give us access to a wide variety of bonds and allow us to determine exactly where to find the lowest prices.

If you have any questions about brokering public loans,
please contact Peter van Klaveren or Mark Overdevest by email
or by telephone at the following number: +31 20 504 04 10

Peter van Klaveren
Peter van KlaverenSenior Institutional Sales
+31(0)20 504 04 10
Mark Overdevest MSc
Mark Overdevest MScSenior Institutional Sales
+31(0)20 504 04 10