In addition to secured loans, OHV also brokers unsecured loans; that is, unbacked private loans with no guarantee structure in place. With the central government and guarantee institutions becoming increasingly reluctant and discriminating in providing guarantees, borrowers are increasingly resigned to unsecured (unbacked) private loans. Meanwhile, with banks also becoming more conservative in their lending practices, a growing number of borrowers are turning to alternative sources of funding.

As a broker, OHV has the expertise required and access to the necessary channels, which enables our specialists to provide brokerage services at the European level. As a result of changing laws and regulations, OHV has been receiving a growing number of requests from international insurance companies, retirement funds and investment funds to invest in unbacked corporate loans. Furthermore, there is a growing demand from borrowers – including corporations, utility companies, multinationals, and so on – for this type of finance. OHV liaises between these two parties and handles the legal process, provides estimates and manages the administrative proceedings.

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