One of our specialisations is secured loans, and for housing corporations these represent loans guaranteed by the Waarborgfonds Sociale Woningbouw (Social Housing Guarantee Fund/WSW). The Waarborgfonds voor de Zorgsector (Healthcare Industry Guarantee Fund/WFZ) provides guarantees for and on behalf of healthcare organisations across the Netherlands.

The guarantees provided by these two funds enable housing corporations and healthcare institutions to secure loans on favourable lending terms. The guarantee institutions warrant to the lenders that interest will be paid and that the loan will be redeemed by the maturity date. Loans provided by these two funds carry the same rating as the State of the Netherlands. For investors, these secured loans are solvency-free, which means they are not required to maintain capital as reserves. Investors – with which OHV liaises on a daily basis – are therefore interested in these types of safe investments and can market them at more competitive rates.

OHV operates as a full-service agent, providing not only brokerage services but also handling the legal end of things, creating reports, making estimates and managing and monitoring the payment process.

If you have any questions regarding the WSW and WFZ guarantee funds, feel free to contact Wouter Vrolijk or Robin Bakker by email or by telephone at the following number: +31 20 504 04 10

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