Asset Management at OHV

Asset management by specialists with over 85 years of knowledge, experience and networks on the financial markets.

You are looking for a way to realize asset retention or asset growth. Investing offers an opportunity, either by investing yourself of let others invest for you. The latter is what we take care of for our clients every day: asset management.

OHV Asset Management offers you the opportunity to let us manage your assets. This can be done from € 100.000,-

If you have a smaller capital, you can invest in our own funds. For more information:

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Asset management in detail

Three pillars

We pursue a Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy, which means we refrain from investing in equity markets when these markets are down. In our asset management services, we use three cornerstones to support our investment strategy.

  1. Fundamental knowledge – independent macroeconomic and fundamental analysis and research by financial institutions
  2. Theoretical knowledge – economic and technical cycle models
  3. Market knowledge – OHV’s in-house trading floor.

In our weekly investment meetings, we check economic, technical and fundamental analyses using research by leading third-party providers, as well as discuss undercurrents in the market and the perception of our major institutional trading partners. Our short-term and long-term investment horizons are based on these three cornerstones.

Dynamic asset allocation

The outcome of these three cornerstones improves your asset allocation while at the same time reducing risk and increasing returns. This results in the smarter underweighting and overweighting of shares within the agreed ranges or may prompt one of our investment advisors to increase or reduce the duration of a bond portfolio.

Reducing equity positions

Our market approach enables us to temporarily reduce equity positions in full before significant troughs occur and to shore them up again during a new peak. Our investment strategy is designed such that, in times of economic uncertainty, the high-risk investments in the portfolio can be reduced to 0 per cent.

Extraction immediately possible

OHV is building your portfolio with care and only with highly liquid investments. This means that whenever you want to extract this, it is always possible to do this. A withdrawal from your current account is arranged by phone or email.Consider usually two days settlement for most financial products.

Own trading floor

OHV’s own trading floor has good trading relationships with the largest institutional investors in the Netherlands. OHV acts on behalf of most major banks and insurers of the Netherlands, as well as (the) central governments. In addition, OHV is the founder of the European Brokers Network and has open lines to leading brokers in London, Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid.

Real-time information

Because of these connections, traders are among the first to play in the financial markets. The OHV dealers are your eyes and ears in the market.

Direct action if necessary

In case of problems in a particular region or in times of crisis, there is intensive consultation between the trading floor and portfolio managers about the positions in your portfolio. This allows a quick decision to be made and the portfolio can be adjusted to the current situation. This is true in times of crisis but of course when opportunities arise.

At OHV, we enable you to benefit from the opportunities provided by access to the primary market. Our roots in the financial markets date back more than 70 years, and through our large network we have become a trusted partner to issuers and syndicates.

Unique in the Netherlands

As one of the few asset management firms in the Netherlands, OHV enables you to benefit from the advantages of trading in the primary market. The main advantage is the return premium offered by many issuers on issuing new bonds. This premium is offered in order to kindle interest from investors in the issue and ensure successful placement. Another significant advantage is the absence of a bid-ask spread in primary trading. Both these advantages instantly increase portfolio returns.

OHV is registered with the AFM, affiliated with DSI and is controlled by De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.
OHV has all the required permits: a, b, c, d and f.
OHV Institutional Asset Management B.V. has an AIFMD license.
OHV is affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Institute (KiFiD).
OHV has signed the six Principles for Responsible Investment.

Trusted partner of among others:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEO-Major Shareholders
  • Retired
  • Top athletes
  • ZZPs
  • Savers
  • Heirs
  • Law Firms, Compliant Investing for Partners
  • Accountant offices, compliant investing for partners

” OHV does my fixed income investments because they are specialists ”.

Bram Tankink, Cyclist Team LottoNLJumbo.

“OHV does exactly what an integral asset manager should do”.

Victor Deconinck, Television presenter, sports writer, gallery owner and speaker.
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“OHV specialists take good care of my ability. When something goes on, OHV is always accessible and can help me. “

Margot van Duinen, Entrepreneur

Asset management remains people’s business in the long run

While orienting for a party that will take care of your assets, a personal introduction can give a lot of clarification. Choosing a party that will take care of your assets is a big step.

Personal acquaintance

What can you expect from a personal acquaintance?

  • Guided tour of our office in the Rembrandt tower
  • Look behind the scenes of our trading desk
  • Meet the specialists who take care of their clients’ assets
  • Explore the possibilities for your personal situation with one of our DSI certified advisors